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Principal Message
“To teach is to touch the lives of many
and to help us learn life’s lessons. 
But to teach well is to make a difference in all the lives you touch.”
 Donna Bulger
      Education has a great influence in the lives of students. It could make or break them. Educators are the ones who inspire, encourage and guide their students’ learning experiences to bring out the best in them. The experiences that students encounter everyday determine their personality, behavior, self-esteem, ideals and way of life. Whatever happens at the earliest stages of life has an effect upon later life.

Considering the diversity of learners, today’s learning becomes personal based on the students’ learning styles and multiple intelligences. Students must be engaged in the different learning activities thru the use of manipulative activities and alternative learning strategies. Teachers must focus on learner-centered activities that will develop critical thinking and collaborative learning among their students. Use of e-classroom, other multi-media instructional materials and keeping adept with innovations and technology are very vital in making teaching-learning process more effective.  They must adjust to this current trend in education in developing the 21st century learner to ensure that they produce functionally literate and life-long learners with a deep sense of nationalism and patriotism and pride in their culture while being global at the same time which are the goals of the K to 12 Basic Education Curriculum based on Education for All or EFA and Basic Education Sector Reform Act (BESRA.) 

As Br. Armin A. Luistro, FSC has said, “Education goes beyond formalities inside the classroom. As teachers and educators, we can only give two things for their growth: roots to keep them anchored and grounded amidst their success, and wings to help them soar beyond their own capabilities.”

“Difference is the essence of humanity. Difference is an accident of birth. It should never be a source of hatred, indifference and segregation. The answer to difference is to respect and inclusivity. Respect for diversity of culture, tradition and religion. UNITY AND INCLUSIVITY IN DIVERSITY

These are the guiding philosophy of GERONIMO SANTIAGO ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. We strive for the holistic development of the youth and make them life-long learners, focusing on the intellectual, emotional and spiritual development of our learners. We advocate that Geronimo Santigoan’s are men and women with a heart for others, mutual respect for each other inspite of diversity in religion, culture and tradition. UBUNTU (Xhosa culture) “I am because we are,” one will be happy if all the other ones are happy. ”UNITY AND INCLUSIVITY IN DIVERSITY. 


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